Core Business

Core Business.

The company is very experienced in the servicing of the Process Industry. Our range of services mainly includes but not limited to project management, fabrication works, installation of piping, steel structures, plant maintenance, civil work, installation of heavy equipment, erection of cryogenic tanks and turnaround activities just to list a few.

Project Management.

images We have a team of competent Managers and Engineers, with at least 5 years of experience in their respective fields, backed up by efficient administration and procurement team, we are confident in managing your project needs. With vast experience in the line of work, trust that we'll be able to plan, schedule and manage your projects with highest efficiency and low cost. All of us here at Yeo Hong look forward to provide the best service possible to meet the requirements of our guests.

Plant Construction.

Supported by a team of competent multi-skilled workers, we are capable of meeting the strictest requirement from our clients. Along with vast experience in shop/site fabrication, on site installation and heavy lifting works in the area of piping and metering skid, cryogenic tanks, storage tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and other steel fabrications. We're confident that we can deliver with the highest efficiency and quality.

Regular & Adhoc Maintenance Services.

Regular Maintenance We're able to provide regular maintenance of the plant to ensure that it is always operating in a satisfactory condition. For such maintenance contracts, a team of dedicated managers, supervisors and skilled workers will be tasked to charge of the general maintenance of the contract site. Their scope mainly includes but not limited to maintenance vessels, exchangers, towers, tanks and valves.

Shutdown Maintenance.

images This is a more extensive and in depth maintenance work compared to regular maintenance and would require a planed shutdown of the plant to carry out more throughout cleaning of the plant. Our managers and engineers will propose a comprehensive plan to ensure that the plant is shutdown, cleaned up and back in operations within the shortest possible duration.

Civil / Structure.

* Construction of Office Buildings & Workshops
* Other Structural Fabrications